Finally put together my little ALCO Greenhouse -- 4 shelves for pots with a nifty cover you can unzip during warmer days and zip up at night, and very easy to put together. Later today, after I have had a nap, I will pot up tomatoes.  It's a bit of a late start for this climate, but I'm hoping against hope that we will have mild weather long enough to allow me to get some tomatoes off the plants before the temperatures get too high.  Also will start some cauliflower.  The good news is that I can plant some crops right into the soil, like lettuce, mache, and spinach.  Can you tell I'm excited about salads?

I noticed that it looked like someone had come along and clipped (or munched) the leaves off the backside of my biggest nasturtium.  I'll have to look more closely to see if they look nibbled or picked.

Also, I have a pretty reddish mustard plant, and a pretty red/green lettuce plant up.  I must have planted 20 or thirty seeds of each, and of a red-leafed spinach, and I got two plants.  

Tomorrow the guy comes to haul off my big logs.  I must remember to ask him where he will take them.  I hope they will get put to some use not just dumped in a dump.  It's breaking my heart to have to give them up.  Oh well, my neighbors are woosies and the city ordinances are not very green.


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