OK  The Kroger card is NOT good at Fry's Electronics;  it's some other Fry's store.  So I get to take back the kicks!  When I stepped outside about 4:30 am, my paper wasn't here, but the moon was glowing brightly and fully, and I swear I heard my carrots saying "OOMPH!  Move over I don't have enough room."  So today, salad with carrot greens, romaine, green onions, purslane, & mezclun from my garden with cayenne vinaigrette, topped with tuna.  A little paperwork, some reading, a few games.  Saw The Help last night.  Well done movie.  Brought back memories -- some good, some bad.  Still don't understand the "Miss Hillys" of this world -- petty, ignorant tyrants who rule their little corners of the world and somehow find followers.  Voted in the run-offs yesterday morning.  I was the 7 am "rush" and my husband was the 3 pm "rush."  Eager to see who won.  Maybe the paper is here now.  Bye!


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