OK  After some considerable shopping since Thanksgiving, I'm kicking myself today.  First, I just discovered that my Kroger card can be swiped at Fry's Electronics and earn me gas points, AFTER spending a good bit of money at Fry's   I won't make THAT mistake again!  Second, I missed the deadline for postmark on one of my rebates, so there goes $10.00.  SIGH.  I talk about getting organized, then I mess up like this!  Not sure how it happened -- might have read the rebate slip without my glasses on and misread the deadline date.Oh well, onward and upward.  I've saved so much by careful shopping, AND I also think I might recoup that $10.00 through the Fry's Electronics Meet Competitor pricing deal.  So I'll spend a little time looking at the things I've bought at Fry's and looking at competitors prices.  See if I can make that missed $10.00 up.  LESSON:  ALWAYS read the fine print and know your stores inside and out!


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