Not the city, where I lived for 6 years, but the TV show.  I was in MBA School at the U of TX when that show first came out.  I hated it, but my room-mate was from Dallas and was addicted to it.  What I hated about it most was that it seemed to paint, by extension, all Texans as still scheming conniving, money grubbing vicious people.  I haven't bothered to peek in on the new series.  Sadly, today, the description is probably truer of more Texans than it was then.  I'm still trying to live down the notion that we're all as dumb hicks with a high school diploma or less, all own oil wells, and live on ranches.

I did hear that Houston was just voted the coolest city to live in, which I have been trying to tell people from other places since my teens.  wso maybe the word is getting out.

However, Dallas is not inhabited by a lot of Ewings either.  I just hate the notion that this new version of the TV show will undo the image of a metropolitan community with arts, well educated residents.  I loathe the glorification of petty, sabotaging, dishonest, disloyal people


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