Last week a 62-year-old woman in the pubilc housing project in Houston's Third Ward died from the heat.  She had a second floor apartment, which are hotter than the first floor ones.  The city housing authority said that since this complex was built in the 1930s, it was the responsibility of the tenants to provide air conditioning.  One of her neighbors said he gave her a fan to use.  Even that was not enough to save her in the 105 degree heat.  So, no conservatives, not all poor people have air conditioning, but maybe they should.  Or are you willing to say that this woman's life wasn't sacred?  And where is an elderly woman in public housing going to get the money for air conditioning?  Here are some figures for Houston 1999 - 2001.  Here are the statistics on heat related deaths in Texas from 2003 - 2008.  Here are some data through 2010.

The Houston Housing Authority provides housing to over 60,000 Houstonians.  Home Depot retails portable air conditioners with dehumidifiers for $279 which will cool 200 sq ft..  Why can't the Houston Housing Authority purchase enough of these at a lower wholesale price for the residents of units without air conditioning, put serial numbers on them, and check them out to residents, perhaps for a small fee, say $1 to $10 a month? Check them out like a library book, with the resident's name and unit attached to the serial number.  When a heat wave is predicted, something like an A/cMobile truck could go to the housing projects loaded up with units and check them out.  When residents no longer need the units, they could contact the Housing Authority to have the units picked up.   They could pay for themselves in 2-3 summers, depending on how early the summer heat started and how long it lasts before fall weather comes.

I don't have a lot of money myself, but as a Christian, I feel pretty sure I could cough up $5 for a month to help some poor senior have air conditioning.  To me, even one woman who dies from heat exposure is a violation of the Second Commandment.  Are there no churches willing to run or subsidize such a program?  We are outraged when someone leaves a child or baby in a closed car.  Why do we not feel outrage when we, as a society, leave elderly poor people in closed apartments to die in the heat? Are their lives no longer dsacred?

Just heard on the news that governments in the states hit by thie latest heat wave and power shortages  like Virginia are ëven delivering air that because the recipients are higher income and voters?  Golly, where did I get the idea that all US citizens are created equal and have equal rights?    What is it I don't understand?


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