"If your character is impugned, defending yourself in poisoned waters is pointless.  In friendly ones, it is unnecessary.":  Anne Nelson 18 March 2013

"If you are told something unbelievable about someone you know well, your choice is to believe it, or not believe it.  Friends will not believe it, even if it is true."   Anne Nelson 18 March 2013
"The best revenge is to behave as if a person who has wronged you is dead and forgotten.  If someone then mentions the person, act surprised and say 'Oh she/he is still alive? I thought he/she died awhile back.' Anne Nelson 18 March 2013
" Habitual liars forget their lies.  Others remember those lies.  People vary in how many they will forgive before they  classify everything you say as a probable lie."   Anne Nelson 18 March 2013
"Could I buy that from you?"  "You may use it." "Could I use it?"  "Oh, I freecycled it."  "Well, lookee here what's in this box -- that thing you freecycled!"  Anne Nelson 18 March 2013


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