We finally got it together and made guacamole today.  So I finally got to test the FREE Food Should Taste Good chips (the company gave me coupons) on that.  I had Blue Corn, Hemp, and Jalapeno.

Blue Corn:  I felt the taste of them was lost in the guacamole. At least my recipe.  They were ok with the guacamole from Taco Cabana, though. This surprised me, as I expected the combination to be terrific.  They certainly weren't unacceptable.  I thought it was a waste of their delicious flavor.  Maybe I'll try them with Nachos next?

Hemp:  In this pairing, I thought the Hemp overwhelmed the guacamole.I do not detract from the chip taste, which I enjoy.  Just did not feel this was a good pairing.  I think perhaps I''ll try it with stronger flavored cheeses.

Jalapeno:  This chip was JUST right with guacamole!  It enhanced the guacamole and the guacamole settled into it's curves like like a baby in its mother's arms (or father's).  Eager to try with chile con queso.  

I have also been told a bag of the chocolate is in the mail for me to try. free, for me to review. I can't wait!  

I intend to try every flavor they make, if it's available anywhere in Houston.I'll keep you posted as I try them, and make recommendations on pairings that I find particularly appealing.


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