I am about to sign the blogger agreement with Small Planet Foods.  I don't have the slightest ethical compunction about doing so.  There are 4 boxes of Cascadian Farms cereals sitting in my kitchen inventory at the moment,.  I have yet to meet a Lärabar I don't like, although I confess I'm out right now. We buy them when they are 10/$10 at Kroger, or we have a coupon that combined with a sale price somewhere makes them almost free.  I simply cannot afford to do anything else.  I'd love to try their chips!  Specifically, I want to try the chocolate Food Should Taste Good  chips with guacamole!  I'm having trouble finding a store that stocks this flavor so far.  Target has a few flavors, so does Walmart.  Whole Foods carries the brand and currently you can get a $1 off 2 pkgs here.  Also a coupon for $1 3 Lärabars, $1 off any 2 Muir Glen products*. [no expiration dates given]  They are offering a  $0.75 off one bag here.  Whether they have the chocolate I don't know'.

I realize they may reject me.  Good nutrition is difficult on an extremely tight budget, though, so I hope they will offer me the opportunity to tell my readers how good their products are.
* Organic Pasta Sauce 2/$6 this week


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