I just signed up to be a Friends of Pfister.  Those are bloggers who blog about Pfister.  I might win a ticket to Austin's biggest social media event, or win a faucet.  For sure I will be one of the first to know about new products, new promotions, and new design tips.
Friends of Pfister
You may be wondering about why I chose to do this.  I've been dealing with re-working my bathroom to make it friendlier to my disability.  One of the things I thought long and hard about was the faucet I wanted to put in there, for my sink and my shower.  First I needed handles that I could manipulate easily.  The old lavatory faucet had handles that I had to twist with individual fingers, the ones that sort of look like short crystal drums.  Some days my hands are too weak to turn these, and some days they have the strength but man does it hurt!    The shower was worse it the 4-prong "steering wheel" type knobs, and I have reached a point at which I simply could not turn those at all.  Did I mention that I was on an extremely low budget?   It had to be single hole, because the shallow cabinet I bought at IKEA had a single hole sink that went with it.  I got these at clearance prices, and one of the bonuses of the sink was that the faucet was on the side nearest the toilet, which made it handy for me.  

One of the things I really appreciate about Pfister is how many of their faucets are ADA compliant.  Alas!  None of the faucets I fell in love with were in my price range, including the Pfisters.  I found a faucet I could live with for just about $50.   I wanted a brushed nickel finish to stay in tune with the finish on the cabinetry pulls and the grab bars. Ideally, the sink faucet would have had a pulldown, as I have had occasions on which this feature would have been extremely useful.  Nobody makes those in  bathroom sink faucets, only the kitchen faucets.  I found one of those that I loved, but it was $190, the Price Pfister T529-YPK Ashfield Lever Handle Pull Out Faucet.  Maybe I can replace my "make-do" faucet with this down the road.

In the shower, I wanted a handheld shower with a slide bar, and a long cord.  This is so I may place the slide bar on a different wall than the shower outlet and controls are on.  This will enable me to sit against the opposite wall from the controls and place the shower at a convenient spot.  My husband will be able to slide the bar to move the showerhead up to take a standing shower.  I'm still considering the options here. (hoping to catch a special sale).  I'll keep you posted.

However, since my bathroom would be out of commission for the duration, I also had to replace the faucet in the other bathroom.  This was a bit easier. I was able to get a Pfister FWL2230C Faucet Lavatory 2 Handle Chrome for $35.



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