I have always loved to cook.  Cleaning up afterward not so much.  Would you believe I live in a house with no dishwasher? Since a complete redo to install a built-in dishwasher is way outside my budget, I have been looking at  countertop dishwashers.  Since there are only two of us, this seems like the most energy efficient option.  I am looking at 6 place setting units, since that should provide some room for small cooking dishes.  There seem to be a limited number of manufacturers.  I'm looking for input on any brand.  If you have experience with any brand below, please supply commentary on the first page.  Ditto if you think I should skip this category and go for a portable.  Thanks!   Don't in fer anything from the order -- it's simply the order in which I came across them doing a search.
Koldfront        Danby         Edgestar    New Air    Sunpenntown     Avantia


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