You are envisioning me in rain hat and cape, standing in a light, misty, English rain, right?  Or maybe some of you see me in a long dress, wind whipping the skirt and my hair, like some mad woman.  Relax and dismiss those images!

On rainy days, I have a whole list of gardening chores that can be done inside my house or a store, or perhaps on my front porch.  (OK, I admit that I did sit on that porch during Hurricane Ike.  It was safer and cooler than my bedroom which has a 70 foot pine looming over it.  Impaled in my bed by one of it's limbs is not how I want to go!)  

Rainy days are perfect for planning projects, designing beds, making lists of needed items, ordering seed or live plants from my favorite suppliers, setting seed to soak in my little bottles and making the markers for planned plantings.

I'm supposed to get sun this afternoon for about four hours, during which I will finish the asparagus/strawberry bed.  If we (husband and self) very energetic, we will also get the tomato bed built.  I'm not counting on that however.

Rainy days are also good for poking through the garden shops.  Smaller crowds, and the plants all look so green and inviting!  Or I can sit on my porch and pot up seeds or container plantings.  

Last but not least, I make my TO DO list for tomorrow, at the top of which is Pulling Weeds.  So much easier to do that when the ground is wet.  Right now it mostly consists of pulling up Bermuda grass.  Right now, however, I am off for a nap in preparation 


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