I had most of my Easter egg hunts in this yard. Some were at my Aunt Helen's.  Some at John & Patsy Bengel's house in Denison. I also seem to remember one at my Uncle Jimmy's in West University Place, and one at my Great Aunt Fanny's in Duncan, Oklahoma.  They were always after church, and always fun.  No Easter egg hunts any more.  They are for children.  

My FB friends reminded me that Christ died on the cross for my sins.  As if I didn't know that already.  A nice lady from the Northwest Believers'Church in Katy gave me a Chinese food carton of  Robin's Eggs in front of Brookshire Bros. yesterday, along with some Scripture cards and helping me into my car.  My prayers today include that Church and its members.  Opening a door and offering a hand up into my seat may seem like a tiny tiny thing to do, but on days like yesterday, it truly is like having the hand of God lift me into the car.  Same for the nice young man at Sprouts who reached things down from the top shelf for me, and the lady who shifted boxes for me so I could get Cuties for my handyman.  Additionally, there was a really nice woman who realized my head was below counter level at the meat counter and pointed me out to the guy behind the counter, who came out to bring me my stuffed clams (and boy were they good!  wished I had gotten 2 more at $1)  

On the other hand, there were those who looked at me on my motorized shopping cart with disgust  or made sounds of being inconvenienced when I needed room to turn it or back it up it.  I pray for them as well, that they may never know the need for someone to help them do things they used to do for themselves, need never see those looks of disgust turned on them.  That if they do experience such things, they have the strength to be patient and tolerant with unkind people, and to endure the pain inside their bodies.  That they know that God will bring kind people into their lives to make up for the unkind ones.

I know I talk about my illness a lot.  It is not because I have no strength or that I want pity.  I do appreciate kindness.  I appreciate all the seemingly tiny things others do without my asking, and the smiles.  I talk about my lupus because so many people have no idea what it even is, what it can do to a person or their life.  I want them to think about it -- and I KNOW I am one of the lucky ones.  There are many, many more lupus patients who have much worse symptoms, get much worse care than I have gotten, and sadly, whose illness is discounted and they are treated as lazy, or slackers.  I also know there are those who have "lighter"cases, get better medical care, don't have their first flare until later in life.  I do not envy those.  I know that they too are fighting for recognition for all of us, for better medicine, better care, more understanding.  

On this Easter,  I give thanks for all the kind people, pray for the others to understand, and pray that all my fellow patients meet more of the former than the latter.  I give thanks for the life and teachings of Jesus, and all those who have heard and practice them.  I also give thanks for his death and rising, because it symbolizes to me His Father's great love for us.  Happy Easter!  with or without eggs. :)


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