Hump Day. Grey, drizzly, Chilly.  Not a good day to weed -- too muddy, and too joint-aching.  We watched The Life of Pi. So what's the agenda after that on a day like this one?  Why we made the rounds of the garden shops, of course!  First stop Condon (yes, it ends in an "n" ) Gardens.  They had their gates closed.  Next we went by Joshua's, which was open, but we decided to bypass it today.  Headed to Heights Plant Farm, where we picked up a couple of bat faced cupheas.  Now this is neither edible nor native to Texas (native of Mexico)  but gosh darn it, they are so cute!  The little red flowers with their purple accents do look like tiny little bat faces with big red ears.  Then we headed over to Buchanan's where I had a $10 birthday certificate on a purchase of $20 or more.  Ended up spending about $16 for a Copper Canyon daisy, a salvia greggii, a salvia coccinea, a frogfruit, a Homestead purple verbena, and a plant I have now forgotten what it is but I know it will bloom purple. :)  And what's for dinner on a night like tonight?  Chili cheese dogs and fries. :)

So, ok,  I'm not thinking very deeply today, or I'm not sharing my deepest thoughts today.  I spent this morning reading science news stories.  Hydroelectric project in the Amazonian forest, displacing native peoples, flooding who knows how many acres of trees.  I'll give you one guess what my deepest thought