Does it happen to you too?  When things you have to deal with NOW come in faster than you can process them?  

Some are actual things, like a leaking faucet, or a broken dryer belt...but you gotta fix it NOW.  Others are physical things, like waking up with a stomach bug you have no idea where it came from, but you gotta get on that toilet seat NOW. Or maybe your doctor calls and says "IÏ'm sending an order over to the lab for a  ____ test, and I need you to go have it done as soon as possible"  Then there are the emotional things:  you find out someone you love is gravely ill, or an old friend with whom things ended rockily calls, or someone screws you over.

I've now had a week like this. Like many other people, I find this a bit stressful.  Stress is not a good thing for an SLE patient like me.  So I have also now spent three days dealing with the physical toll stress takes on me.  That means I have had less energy to deal with the things I have to deal with.  So I'm now several days behind, which makes life ever more stressful.

I'm trying to get back into my happy place.  When I'm there, time slows such that a tortoise moves faster.  I get an incredible amount done in just a few hours.Working in the garden almost always puts me there.  However, exposure to sunlight generally intensifies my fatigue and aches, so that really isn't an option this time. I have prayed, and meditated and gotten nowhere nearer my happy place.  I have obtained some enlightenment however.  

I have realized that the reason I am separated from my happy place is that I have been wronged, I lost my cool, and although I got it off my chest, I am disappointed because I realize that the person who wronged me will never acknowledge that she did. I am pretty sure that behind her behavior is some mental illness.  I'm not sure what it is, but she reminds me of my bipolar cousin:  secretive, suspicious of others to the point of irrational paranoia, game-playing, deflective, projective, and manipulative.  I'm sure that I will feel better when this person is completely out of my life.  So if you are the praying type, please pray that she exits quickly and silently.  Thank you.
People, I have observed in my almost 6 decades of life, run from boredom in a variety of ways.  They drink too much.  They take drugs.  They drive too fast.  They take up risky sports.  They shop too much and spend too much.  Ad nauseum.

Merriam-Webster's free online dictionary defines boredom as "the state of being weary and restless from lack of interest."  As a child I complained about being bored.  Then I discovered reading.  The closest I have come to thinking I was bored since was my episode of clinical depression in the early 80s.  In reality, that was not lack of interest.  It was the inability to feel pleasure in any activity, even those I had always enjoyed.  Fortunately, I took imipramine for about 18 months or so, along with therapy, and never has the condition recurred.  I do often feel weary, but that's the lupus assaulting me.  

Escaping boredom -- the real thing -- is actually very easy.  Get interested in something.  Now this might not work for people with really low intelligence, I don't know.  I do know that even people with intelligence levels below "functional" can find things to be interested in.  My brain damaged cousin surely does.  So my suspicion is that the biggest impediment to finding interest is lack of effort. So here are some things to get interested in; pick one or two.  It's not an exhaustive list.

Acting.  Community theatre is a great outlet
Animals.  Adopt,. foster, volunteer at a sheter.
Art -- doing or studying its history.  Youy don't have to be good at it.  IF you enjoy it, DO IT!

Birds -- watching them, learning their calls, volunteer for the annual bird count.
Canning and Preserving
Children.  Tutor, teach them something you know
Community Service
Dance.  Ditto
Elderly. Volunteer in a nursing home.  record their stories of the world when they were young.
L:anguages.  Try out a few on the free sites.
Music.  Ditto
Needle arts
Other people.  Talk to them.  Help them.  Share what you know.
Reading.  About ANYTHING.
Sports.  If you can't play, coach,  volunteer to drive the team, anything.
Travel.  If you can't afford the real thing, do armchair travelling with books and films
Writing.  Ditto

If none of this helps, try yoga, meditation, psychotherapy.  Love yourself.  Guess what?  The more interested you are in your life (not your SELF), the more interesting you are to others. Whch brings us back to the beginning, in a way.  If you are bored (as opposed to depressed, frightened, tired, etc.) , you're pro