So you think women aren't focused on money?  Tell that to my mother who was widowed at 42 with 2 kids 10-13 and her widowed mother.  Tell that to women trapped in abusive marriages because they don't know how to feed their children otherwise.  Tell that to divorced women raising children on their own.  Because THESE women 
HAVE to focus on money in order TO focus on their children.

Then there are the childless women like myself.  I was NEVER focused on children.  Watching my mother struggle after my father died, picking pop bottles out of the ditches & washing them & carrying them to the store so I could buy dinner for the 4 of age 13, is precisely why getting a college degree and going to graduate school, including UW- Madison, was more important to me than getting married and having children.  Oh I always assumed I would do that too; it simply was NOT my priority.  Good thing too, as I ended up losing my long-awaited pregnancy with my husband to undiagnosed and untreated lupus. Then I could no longer have children.  So I'm glad children were never he focus of my life!

That was 1970, when women made about 59¢ to a man's dollar. WOW! now we make 77¢., except in your state it's only  75¢.  FORTY-TWO YEARS to gain 16¢ on men!  No wonder we are still more likely to end our lives in poverty, as my mother did, and as I will.

I can tell you what THIS woman is focused on now:  making sure that ideological, sterotyper idiots like you & your governor are run out of office by WOMEN.