If there is a Kroger in your area, and you are not yet signed up for their online account, you're missing out on a great deal.  I am a BzzAgent, but I have also been shopping at Kroger for almost 6 decades. I have received free coupons, before and after I signed up as a BzzAgent.

Why should you have a Kroger.com account?

Saves money
Makes your life easier
Free downloadable coupons and printable coupons
     Includes Free Friday coupons 
Look at ads and make a printable list of shopping and your coupons on your card
Track your Fuel points (double on Friday - Sunday right now)
See events at local store
Register your card here (be sure to opt in to emails!):

TiME TO SEE WHAT THIS WEEK BRINGS!  Click HERE  on Fridays and load it on to your card and GO GET IT!  Last  week free toothpaste  Free Granola bars before that.  Got my shopping list ready, and my coupons.  And on FRIDAYS (as well as Saturdays and Sundays)  I earn 2X fuel points because I have downloaded the 2X fuel coupon to my card.  So FREE FRIDAYS are really FANTASTIC!  Of course last month, I had more fuel points than I used --should have filled up my brother's car too!