Happy 4th of July!  Hang your flag and rejoice that you are a patriot who lives in a free country, unless one of the following applies to you:
----You are an elected official who has worked less than 300 days in the past 365.  You are a parasite
----You are an appointed judge who allows personal religious beliefs to influence your decisions more than the Constitution and precedents.  You are a traitor.
---You have participated in attempts to rob fellow Americans of their votes in any way.  You are a traitor.
---You believe corporations should be able to intrude on the privacy of their employees outside the office and office hours, and control their behaviors.  You are a fascist.
---You believe people should work for any wage the employer chooses to offer (no minimum wage).  You are a slaver, a traitor, and an all-round crummy human being.

I am celebrating the Fourth of July.  It may be the last time I live in anything that resembles the glorious land of freedom and opportunity that our Forefathers envisioned.  If I had a flag, I am not sure I wouldn't fly it upside down, as I believe our nation IS in distress.  We worship money, convenience and ourselves more than the laws that shape this land, the actual land on which it stands, and the basic dignity of all free people.  We have lost Christian compassion in favor of TALKING about Christianity and focussing not on loving our neighbors but on believing ourselves to be better than they are and more deserving than they are of the things that make life worth living -- happiness, meaningful occupation, personal interests, love, respect and comfort in sickness and grief.  

Do not mistake me.  I believe in America as our forefathers believed in her.  What I am losing faith in is my fellow Americans.  I see dysfunctional attitudes and behaviors everywhere I look.  Lack of ethics, lack of responsibility toward others, toward the nation itself, and lack of and disrespect for the values of enlightenment our forefathers shared.   

Our Declaration by Danielle Allen.  Read it!



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